2021 Results

Astrid S. Tuminez
Todd Pedersen
Skip Lei

Why Apply

Brand Exposure

Be seen, evaluated, and featured as an applicant on Silicon Slopes newsroom posts and pre-gala shout outs.


Appear in the Winter 2022 issue of the Silicon Slopes Magazine, on the Silicon Slopes website, and in front of peers and colleagues at the Awards Gala.

Press Opportunities

Speaking engagement consideration on Silicon Slopes media outlets including events, podcasts, tv shows, and magazine features.

Awards Gala

Celebrate your team’s success at the hottest business celebration of the year.

Brand Credibility

Gain the Silicon Slopes stamp of approval for being a stand-out in your field; you will receive a backlink on the finalist page and pre-gala mentions.


Winners get on-stage recognition and a killer, unique trophy.

Break News

Tell your organization’s story to the world and highlight the success of teams within your organization.

Community Support

A portion of all applications goes directly into the ongoing support and development of the next generation of Silicon Slopes startups.


Award Categories

Company Applications

Advertising 2022

The most creative ads in print, digital, and other media.

Physical Product 2022

The best hardware, industrial design or widget geared toward mass consumers and niche markets

Space & Places 2022

Innovative buildings, structures, and interior designs that delight and excite.

Branding 2022

Innovative approaches to creating or growing a brand

Health & Wellness 2022

Consumer products, services, and environments that use innovative techniques to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Software 2022

Innovative proprietary software solutions in service and entertainment.

Services 2022

The absolute best in class service or services based company.

Aerospace & Defense 2022

Inventive community outreach, hardware or software engineering solutions, for Aerospace & Defense development.

Media & Entertainment 2022

The most exciting and creative media including live attractions, gaming, TV shows, podcasts, short films, and movies.

Web3 2022

The best in blockchain/decentralized applications or entertainment.

Individual Applications

CEO of the Year 2022

Knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way to the top with dignity and love to enrich the lives of both customer and employee.

CMO of the Year 2022

Good marketing makes the company look smart. Great marketing makes the customer feel smart. The CMO of the year makes all of us feel awe at their ability to do both.

COO of the Year 2022

The man or woman who has created the exact opposite of a Rube Goldberg system and elevated their company to new heights and efficiencies.

CTO of the Year 2022

Technology, like art, is a soaring exercise of the human imagination and the CTO of the year is the quintessential artist of tech.

Chief People Officer of the Year 2022

Of the people and for the people. CPO of the year can smell talent from a mile away and binds the company culture together like a bucket of superglue.

CFO of the Year 2022

Unlike Scrooge McDuck, the CFO of the year doesn’t just swim in stagnant earnings. They meticulously maneuver earnings toward escalator-like company growth.

CRO of the Year 2022

The maestro with the uncanny ability to turn a cacophony of sales and marketing into Beethoven’s 5th Symphony.

Chief Product Officer of the Year 2022

As Steve Jobs said, 'people don’t know what they want until you show them'. The CPO of the year knows what we all want.

Intern of the Year 2022

A maven of coffee orders and someone who burns the midnight oil long after the C Suite heads to the golf course. The intern of the year is the diamond in the rough.



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